In the poem the farmers bride written by Charlotte mew it sets the story in the past tense. The poem is about a young girl who had been chosen bay and old farmer to be his bride .  She then tryed to run away but was then caught and locked away. In this poem the young girl is presented as too immature for a relationship. There are many examples of why she is immature . The first one is presented in the first stansa in the poem where she is describes as “too young” this already gives the impression that she is immature because if she is being described as too young it makes me think that she might still be in her teens or even younger .another reason why she is presented as immature is also on the first stansa where the farmer says ” when us wed she turned afraid of love and me and all things human. This tells us that she became afraid of the farmer who is her husband and afraid of the act of sex because she is too young to understand so she starts the worry and get scared . The girl then started to act frightened and stopped smiling she also ran away out among the sheep . This a significant reason for why she is too immature for a relationship , when children are afraid of something they tend to move away from the situation and choose not to face the issue in this case the girl was Africa’s of the farmer and chose to run away into the fields with the sheep . This a quite a childish response and gives the impression of immaturity . She also had a bed time and is taken control of by the farmer the quote “should properly have been abed” suggests that the farmer makes decisions for her and tells her what to do as if to control her or act like her father . In the poem it says “we caught her  , fetched her home at last and turned the key upon her , fast.” It basically says that the farmer caught her and locked her up. This makes me think that she is treated like an animal or a child navies the gamer wants full control of her. She is not mature enough to understand and speed up for herself. In the 20th line is explains how she was locked up and forced to work about the house , again putting the farmer in a controlling and powerful position . It describes how she would play and sing along with the birds and the rabbits as such as the men folks are away . This presents her as childish because she still likes to play and she is scared of males.

Over all she is presented as childish because of the decisions she’s made and Jose she has reacted to different situations.

Is was three summers ago since the farmer chose his maid who was “too young”.the bride had tryed o escape in the past but had been caught and locked away to be used essentially as “a slave” . She was treated terribly and grew to be “scared of all males “

•the years since he chose his bride

•the bride might have been too young

•there is more to do than just waiting

•when they got married the broad was afraid

•she was afraid of love and all things human

•one night she ran away

•she was among the sheep

•she should have been in bed

•but she wasn’t there

•she has brown eyes

•he chased the bride with lanterns and she was running

•they caught her at the town brought her home and locked her away

•she will work happily as long as there’s no men around

•she shouts when men get close to her

•the animals turn their heads when she shouts

•she quiet and shy but also swift and sweet to herself but not to him

•winters coming and time passes

•what’s Christmas without everyone else

•she sleep in the attic alone

•they don’t talk to each other they just look



In the poem neutral tones , the feeling of love is presented as haunting because in the poem it is picturing a break up and and the reactions to the situation. the fact that the person who is receiving the break up cant get it out of his head presents their love as haunting because its like a stained memory that he will never forget.

Thomas hardy begins the poem by describing the setting of the break up when he explains that they were standing by a pond on a winter day. he also uses metaphors like ” and the sun was white , as though chidden of god”. this creates a sense of foreboding and try to say that the sun is drifting behind the clouds as if it had been told of by god . this gives the idea that some thing negative is about to happen in the beginning of the poem because the sum would have represented happiness but all of a sudden it starts to fade away which gives the impression that happiness it also fading away.

The poem continues to give the impression of negativity by saying “and few leaves lay on the starving sod;- they had fallen from ash , and were grey. the leaves represent their loves and gives the impression that their love is getting old and also dying when is says it fell from ash and turned grey.

The quote ” your eyes on me were as eyes that rove over tedious riddles of years ago” try to describe the feelings and thought of the girl that is breaking up with him as if she were trying to say that she dose not  even know who he id any more and she was confused about her feelings

In the middle of the poem he says “and some words played between us to and fro on which lost the more by our love” he try to explain that they were having a conversation but the word that were being said dose not even mean anything any more because all that matters is the current situation , that they have broken up .

In the third paragraph is explains that their relationship is dying almost already dead but it still has enough life to end .

In the last paragraph he says “since then ,keen lessons that love deceives, and wrings with wrong , have shaped to me your face , and the god-crust sun , and a tree , and a pond edged with greyish leaves” in this quote he try to explain that he has learnt his lessons about love and uses a metaphor to try and describe the fact that if love was inside a rag if you rung it it will leak with everything wrong about love and that its too painful to bare . he also try to say that every time he sees certain things like the sun the pond the leaves and everything about love he sees her face and haunts him and stains his memory forever .

Thomas hardy uses personification to describe a “starving sod”; which is the ground . this describes the ground  as a person which describes the way their love is dying and struggling to survive.



I think that she is trying to say that she wants to end the relationship where it says “the smile on your mouth was the deadest thing alive enough to have strength to die”. This suggests that she is unhappy and she is trying to make the situation as simple as possible . Also at the beginning it describes the setting as by a pond on a winter day and leave fall from a tree. All of these factors sets the tone of the poem from the start which is sad and negative the poem is written in past tense which means the person is reminiscent on the moment and trying to remember the past. He also presents love as haunting because he try’s to express that once you fall in love it will never go away because you think about it too much so effectively haunting you.there is a quite in the poem that reads “and the sun was white , as though children of God “.  their love .

In conclusion, I believe that Thomas Hardy has used the theme of their relationship  to prove his ponit that there were curse on them and how she had the strength to end their relationship to show how it ends  the way he use lots language devices this what I believe he wanted the neutral tones to make the reader feel how he does about this relationship.




  1. They stood by the pond
  2. it was winte
  3. the sun was white
  4. leaves lay on the floor
  5. they fell from a tree and they were grey
  6. they looked at each other
  7. they spoke for a bit
  8. she smiled bitterly
  9. he’s learnt his lesson
  10. the pond was surrounded by greyleaves

I think the line “and some words played between us to and fro on which lost the more by our love” sums up hardys feelings and says that love is very confusing and can make people lost.

Love is presented  in porphyrias lover by using personification to describe his feelings for example “too weak , for all her Hearts endeavour, to set its struggling passion free”. This tells us how her passion struggles which gives the impression that she is trying not to love but the passion she has it struggling to come out which then gives us the impression that her love is uncontrollable

My interpretation of the he poem Porphyrias lover is that there is a man who is ill and has a sickness called porphyria which is a mental illness.He imagines his illness as a woman who loves him and gives herself to him and as porphyria try’s to control him he thinks for a while and then decides to kill porphyria. Earlier in the poem it explained porphyrias love for him by her action and then says “and made her smooth white shoulder bare and her yellow hair displaced, and stooping, made my cheek lie there” this showed that she would protect him so then at the end of the poem when he killed porphyria he done the same thing as if to mock her and then layed all night with her . This is a way of saying that he is rid of the illness. The poem continues to fascinate readers because of the genre , the fact that the poem is grusem and involves someone else’s getting hurt draws the reader I’m to want to find out Wat will happen next. It also gives a sense of suspense and the indroduction actravts the reader straight away just but describing the setting as a dark place where bad things happen. These sort of thing accuracy readers and keeps them interested

I think porphyria was killed because her lover didn’t Realy like her or think she was beautiful and because everything was happening so fast he panict and decided the bet way to get out of his situation Was to murder her. I think this because of where he says “A sudden thought of one so pale for lover of her, and all in vain: so, she was  come through wind and rain”. As I said before this suggest that she was unattractive and was very forceful towards her lover. He uses the word pale as an adjective to describe her presents .


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